Murphy's Tyrepower Midland
Outside of a Tyrepower store, looking at side of red, blue and white painted building.


We are firm believers that that the equipment used is only as good as the operator, but good equipment makes even the best operator even better.

To fit your new tyres to your wheels, we use a Beissbarth MS65 electric machine, and a Coats 70-X-AM3 fully air operated machine.

The combination of these machines and some of the best fitters in the state ensures a speedy turnaround time and there’s absolutely zero damage to your wheels in the tyre changing process.

To make sure you get a smooth, vibration-free ride, your wheels are balanced via a Coats 1065 wheel balancer, which is accurate to 0.1 of a gram.

Aligning your wheels ensures that your new tyres will wear evenly, maximising the life of your tyres and keep the full footprint of your tyres on the road. There are several angles which need to be adjusted to do this, being Camber, Caster and Toe. To help achieve this, we use a Beissbarth Microline 1800 Wireless Laser Wheel alignment machine.

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