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When it comes to upgrading your vehicle's tyres, the choices can be overwhelming.

At Murphy's Tyrepower Midland, we often get asked about whether you can replace your standard tyres with different tyres for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, drivers want a cheaper and more budget-friendly option, while other drivers aren’t happy with the performance of their tyres and want something that meet their needs better.

One of the most common tyre upgrades is putting a set of all terrain tyres on, but should you follow the trend or should you go your own way?

Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision, Murphy's Tyrepower Midland can help show you the differences between highway terrain (HT), all terrain (AT), and mud terrain (MT) tyres. Each type has its unique benefits and is suited to different driving conditions and needs.

Why Do Drivers Upgrade Their Tyres?

Upgrading tyres is a common consideration for many drivers, and there are many different reasons why drivers ask for options when they purchase new tyres. Here are some of the most common motivations:

  • Improved Performance: New tyres can enhance your vehicle's handling, traction, and overall performance, especially in adverse conditions.
  • Specialised Needs: Some drivers need tyres tailored for specific conditions, such as off-road driving or extreme weather.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Upgrading to stylish tyres can enhance the look of your vehicle.

Highway Terrain (HT) Tyres

Many vehicles come standard with highway terrain tyres, as driving on sealed roads is what an overwhelming majority of vehicle owners do. HT tyres are often quieter, and provide a good impression when test driving new vehicles from the dealership.


  • Comfort: HT tyres are designed for smooth and quiet rides on paved roads.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Generally lighter and have lower rolling resistance, which can contribute to better fuel economy.
  • Cost: Usually more affordable than AT or MT tyres.


  • Limited Off-Road Capability: Not suitable for heavy off-road use or extreme conditions.
  • Less Aggressive Look: They have a more standard appearance compared to AT or MT tyres.

All Terrain (AT) Tyres

While some vehicles come with all terrain tyres from the factory already, many drivers opt to upgrade their tyres to ATs purely based on their versatility and durability.


  • Versatility: Suitable for a mix of on-road and off-road driving.
  • Durability: Tougher sidewalls and more aggressive tread patterns provide better resistance to punctures.
  • Balanced Performance: Good compromise between comfort on highways and capability on trails.


  • Noise and Comfort: Can be noisier and less comfortable than HT tyres on paved roads.
  • Cost: Generally more expensive than HT tyres.
  • Weight: Heavier, which might affect fuel economy.

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Mud Terrain (MT) Tyres

For vehicles that see a significant portion of their time off road or in challenging conditions, a set of mud terrain tyres will provide extra durability, capability and reliability, with several tradeoffs to be aware of.


  • Off-Road Mastery: Exceptional traction in mud, sand, and rocky terrains.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand harsh conditions and rough terrain.
  • Aggressive Appearance: Bold look that can enhance the aesthetics of off-road vehicles.


  • On-Road Performance: Noisier and less comfortable on paved roads.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Heavier and can reduce fuel economy.
  • Cost: Typically the most expensive option.

Considerations with Sizes and Vehicle Compatibility

When choosing new tyres, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure they are compatible with your vehicle. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Size: Always check your vehicle’s manual for recommended tyre sizes. Murphy's Tyrepower Midland can help ensure that your new tyres remain legal for street use and don’t rub anywhere.
  • Load and Speed Ratings: Ensure the tyres match the load and speed requirements of your vehicle. Any tyres installed on your vehicle must have a load rating that matches or exceeds the recommendations from your vehicle manufacturer. This information can be found in your owners manual, but Murphy's Tyrepower Midland can help locate this information for you.
  • Suspension and Lift Kits: If you have modified your vehicle with a lift kit or other suspension changes, this can affect the size and type of tyre that is appropriate.

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Your tyres are the only point of contact that your vehicle has with the ground, and what tyres you have on your vehicle can drastically change how your vehicle handles, drives and performs.

If you’re looking at replacing your tyres soon due to performance issues, damage or plain old wear and tear, the expert team at Murphy's Tyrepower Midland can help regardless of whether you need advice on tyre selection, budget considerations, puncture repairs, or tyre safety inspections.

For personalised advice and top-notch service, contact Tyrepower Midland today. Let us help you find the perfect tyres to keep you safe and your vehicle performing at its best.

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